The Catanauan Cove strongly supports and joins the advocacy to increase global awareness to protect Mother Earth for the enjoyment of our children and generations to come.

The Catanauan Cove boasts itself with the wonderful gift of earthly environment. It is in this respect, that we encourage our guests, to spend more time outdoors and be one with nature.

Enjoy the morning sunrise along our 2 kilometer stretch of white sand beach front and listen to the twitting songs of our colored birds around. Visit the 7 hectare mangrove plantation and see for the first time the various species of fish unknown to many. Walk around the rolling terrain of the resort and hear the whispering lashes of our 12,000 full grown trees, some of them, century old and enjoy fireflies after rain showers. Snorkel the bubbling corals nearby or twinkle your eyes with the amazing fish jumping up and down the seas.

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