ULI Study Tour 2019: Cebu Developers Push for Green City

Urban Land Institute Philippines inaugurated its first event in the bustling and dynamic city of Cebu with a ULI Cebu Study Tour which took place from March 20-22. The event was attended by over 40 participants from Metro Cebu and Metro Manila, with everyone coming from diverse backgrounds and professions. Attendees included developers, real estate […]

How to List Your Property in Swoop

Are you looking for an effective way to rent or sell your property? You've come to the right place! Watch our video or follow the steps below. Step by Step Tutorial LOGIN Click on the Swoop logo to get on our Home Page or click this link www.swoop.ph Then, you will need to login to [...]

Swoop Releases the Beta version of its Swoop Ph App 2.0

Swoop Technology Team released today the beta version of his Real Estate App on IOS and Android platforms; a more Streamline App for a better Customer Experience. We redesigned the entire App, using  latest technology for better performance. This beta version focuses on what really matters, enabling visitors to list their properly and find properties. [...]

PROMO: VR, 2D Walkthrough, Drone Shot

  People are more likely to buy what they can see! Close your deals quickly using Virtual Reality (VR) and 2D walkthrough imaging platform or drone videography. BONUS: Swoop can also provide FREE hosting and promotion through our website. BOOK NOW at these introductory rates: * Complete VR + 2D walkthrough – Only P3,000 per […]

Bureaucracy Delaying the Rollout of Fast Internet in the Philippines

Internet service in the Philippines is one of the slowest in the world. The Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index report for January 2018 showed that the Philippine mobile broadband speeds ranked 94th place relative to the world rankings. The country registered only 12.55 Megabits per second (Mbps) download and 5.86 Mbps upload. For fixed broadband speeds, […]

Swoop Helps Overcome the Challenges of the Digital Economy in the Philippines

Digital economy simply refers to an economy that is based on digital computing technologies. It is at times referred to also as the Internet economy. The digital economy changed how the world conducts its business. In a digital economy, digital networking and communication infrastructures drive how people and organization interact, communicate, collaborate, search for information, […]

Remote Property Viewing via Rollie the Robot

Our core business is rooted in customer experience, and we lead with innovations that would best suit these needs. It’s not about the flash-in-the-pan of technology trends; it’s always about solving customer issues, and enhancing the human experience in real estate. And sometimes, the best way to do that is with a robot. Going beyond […]

Tenants Are Willing to Pay More for Tech-Enabled Amenities in Apartments

Why settle for a just a roof above your head when you can have so much more? Picture a house or apartment where you can tailor everything to your liking at the click of a button. Have the lights open and the room warm or cool before you even open the door. What if you […]

Swoop Events: We’re Swooping In at Eton Communities with VR Viewing Technology!

On Sunday, March 11, 2018 our team is set to add the Swoop experience to an Eton Community Open House. The event will be held from 10am to 5pm at the Manors, North Belton Communities, Quirino Highway, Brgy, Talipapa, Novaliches,  Quezon City and will be attended by brokers and property viewers. Swoop is bringing in […]

Smart Homes: How Technology Can Liven Up Your Property

Property developers have joined hands with tech startups to develop applications that provide homeowners smart living solutions. This is part of the drive to build high-density communities that feature a modern, smart, and aspirational place for the residents to live. The collaboration enables residents to simply and conveniently interact with their home lighting, air-conditioning, heating, […]

Buy Property Through Your Mobile Phone

Without constantly exposing account numbers or going out of your way to pay personally, anyone can now easily buy a dress from Zalora, book a Boracay flight with Cebu Pacific, or even catch a ride from Quezon City to Makati via Uber. These are all paid online or with the use of a smartphone.   […]

The Property Tech Wave Cometh

Real estate remains to be one of the smartest investments with high demand in the current market.  It also remains to have the biggest challenges for potential clients and first-time investors because of the lack or disorganized information, and inaccessibility to better deals and choices. There isn’t a centralized portal that holds reliable and complete […]

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