The Property Tech Wave Cometh

The Property Tech Wave Cometh

Real estate remains to be one of the smartest investments with high demand in the current market.  It also remains to have the biggest challenges for potential clients and first-time investors because of the lack or disorganized information, and inaccessibility to better deals and choices. There isn’t a centralized portal that holds reliable and complete property information.

Real estate practitioners — even veteran brokers — have their own pain points, enduring the tedious process for documentation, and due diligence. But with the rise of fast, affordable mobile technology, and the saturation of social media, the demand for disruption in the property industry is finally coming to a head.

Unlike fintech (financial technology) which has revolutionized the banking industry, bringing us online banking, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, property tech seems to be taking a slower time to catch on. Why have we not yet seen a similar revolution in local real estate?


The answer could be that real estate tends to be more conservative, and closed off to innovation, particularly in the Philippines, where there are only a handful of major developers, and fewer licensed brokers per client ratio compared to other Southeast Asian nations. Entrepreneurs from all over the world, backed by literally billions of dollars of investment, are diving in to change the way property is traded, used and operated, and it’s only a matter of very brief time before a radical change happens in the property market.

The biggest winners of this property tech revolution are the brokers, as their internet-savvy clients gain more access to information, and the tech for a better and faster way to sell or buy a home.


RE/MAX Philippines, in partnership with Swoop, is at the forefront of this evolution, with Swoop as the technology community platform.

Swoop is the first full-service, user-friendly real estate mobile app and website using core features such as:

  • Virtual Reality Property Viewing – Swoop introduced to the Philippines the first-of-its-kind feature of 360-degree virtual viewing of properties whether for sale or lease, virtual tours  enhance the buying experience and accelerate the process for all parties


  • Social Media Targeted Marketing – Social media connects everyone ensuring that RE/MAX partners aligned with Swoop have the advantage of the advanced digital marketing and SEO are deploying using a partner agency.


  • In-app Processing Updates – Property purchasing is intimidating but with RE/MAX and Swoop, clients will feel pampered as they get updates regarding the whole process of a property purchase, all done just using a smartphone.


Being on top of a growing tech trend is truly inspirational and RE/MAX Philippines and Swoop will go beyond meeting the demands of a growing internet world.

This partnership can lead and  change the real estate landscape – focused on the needs of clients, and making things just so much easier for them.

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