P20,000 Real Digs on Swoop: North Edition

P20,000 Real Digs on Swoop: North Edition

Better known as “what can I get for P20,000/month on Swoop?” Whether you’re beginning to search for your first apartment or you’re looking for your next one, it always helps to have an idea of how far your money can go. You can set realistic expectations and you can make better decisions. Not like this guy.  If you’re curious about what you have to consider, check out our Rent Checklist for Millennials (Also for non-Millennials too!).

Just like any shopping expedition, it always helps to plan. We recommend researching on Swoop.

So we’ve done our own quick research on Swoop, you can do the same by going to the property search page or by downloading the app on the App Store or on Google Play. And we’ve set a budget of P20,000 every month and here’s what we’ve found.

  1. It’s quite difficult to find apartments for below 32,000 in Makati and 25,000 in BGC since they are Central Business Districts so let’s focus on locations adjacent to these areas.
  2. It will come down to the small details so make sure that you visit your choices!
condominium,bedroom,living room,balcony

Convenient full access of Cubao when in Manhattan Heights

In Cubao, you will be close to the MRT, the LRT2, and various bus and jeepney terminals to get to wherever you have to go. Also, since you’re in the Araneta Center, you will have Gateway and Farmers Plaza for any retail and entertainment needs (not to mention Araneta Coliseum!). So these properties might be of interest.

a. Manhattan Heights: An unfurnished 40-sqm 1-BR for 20,000

b. Manhattan Parkview Tower: A fully-furnished 34-sqm Studio for 20,000

Amenities for a family await in Manhattan Parkview Tower

Moving east, we found a great fully-furnished 36-sqm studio in One Orchard Tower in Eastwood. Our favorite bit is an l-shaped sofa which is perfect for all the friends who will be coming over especially since Eastwood is chock-full of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. You can definitely find a job that is in the township too!

Eastwood City,studio,living room

One Orchard: from your living room to the mall in just a few strides.

There are more choices on Swoop! Be back tomorrow for our next installment of P20,000 rentals! And this time we’re heading South-ish!


Image Credits:
Manhattan Heights building image courtesy of Wikimedia; living room and bedroom images are actual property for rent.
Manhattan Parkview Tower Amenities view courtesy of Empire East. (Not actual balcony view of property)
Eastwood City Mall image courtesy of GD Group. Actual living room image of property uploaded in MyPropertyPH



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